Designing a logo for a client and what to ask them.

20 questions to ask your client before embarking on logo design

Before starting any new design project it’s smart to get the correct preliminary info from your new clients. This will help drive your way to a successful outcome. The questions below will help put together a quote for your clients.

Since the primary focus in is brand and logo design, here are 20 questions to ask your clients before to beginning. Many of these questions can be applied to other forms of web and brand design.

Company associated questions to ask

1- Please describe your services and/or products

2- Are there long term goals of your company?

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3- Why do you want a logo? What do you want your logo to do?

4- Who are your main competitors in the industry?

5- How are you different from your main web design competitors?

6- What’s the age range of your customer base?

Brand Brief related questions to ask

7- Have you a tag line?

8- Do you have any imagery for your logo?

9- Do you have any color preferences for the brand?

10- Do you have any colors that you do not like at all for the brand?

11- What adjectives should best describe your brand or logo?

12- What feeling or emotion do you want your brand to convey?

13- How do you prefer your logo to be worded?

14- How would you like the type to appear within the brand or logo?

15- Where will you logo be used?

16- Where will your logo primarily be used?

17- What’s your deadline, time frame or exact date of completion?

18- Do you have a Budget?

19- Any additional design services to be included with your new brand or logo?

20- What logos appeal to you within your industry and why do they?

I also enjoy to leaving my clients with extra space at the end where they can write extra details and comments. Being a graphic designer means you are a problem solver and legend. You cannot solve a problem without knowing what the problem is.  Good luck.